Client work and personal projects


Wildfire News

 Mobile App • Desktop • BC Wildfire Service

A responsive wildfire product that provides wildfire information to the general public including the details and location of wildfires, evacuations, fire bans and other wildfire-related events.


Fitness Program Planner

Desktop • Ipad • Waterfall • Confidential

A product that allows users to create a customized group fitness program. Classes can be easily added to a program, activities can be printed off, and video tutorials can be used to support teaching with a step by step format.


Capital Culture District

Desktop • Created Using CMS • Reliance Properties

 A website created to increase community engagement with the Capital Culture District urban development project led by Reliance Properties.


Public Impact Report

Publication Graphic Design • BC Parks

A graphic publication design created to showcase the new initiatives and projects that have resulted from the BC Park's License Plate program from 2017 - 2021.


Resource Manager

Desktop • Confidential

Resource Manager, Supplier Manager and Vendor Portal are web applications designed to provide situational awareness and information on logistics and planning for both internal and external users. 


Underwriting Product

Desktop • Confidential

A digital product used to track product insurance information where users can view and edit policy information.



Mobile • Personal Project

A mental-health application that takes you from self-comparison to self-compassion using self-soothing techniques and mindfulness.


Nightbloom Style Guide

Style Guide • Personal Project

The style guide used for the creation of the Nightbloom mobile mental health product.



Mobile • Personal Project

An app designed to help patients through the surgical process from diagnosis to recovery.


Ways to Connect

Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to learn more about my experience and design work or if you would like to collaborate on something in the future.

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