Underwriting Product

A system used to track product insurance information where users can view and edit policy information and support data.


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User Interface Design


Jacqueline Williams


Vivid Solutions


Figma, Jira, Microsoft Teams


3 Months


December 2023 - Current



project overview


The client of this project requested design work for a primary screen that their employees will be using most frequently. There are three different views for this page and numerous interactions that lead to modal flows as well the ability to edit data within the tables being displayed.

I also updated the rest of the screens within this product to align them to the new patterns introduced during the re-design. This included two search pages and a four other screens with data entry functionality. Work for this project is ongoing,


Not having access to the users is always a challenge on any project, but I've learned that there are always still ways to implement design thinking even if it means running through the phases during a shorter time frame. I relied on business and subject matter experts when I had questions about any of the user's needs and they were always able to answer my questions. Even if questions go unanswered, my process is to flag it for the business and provide my opinion on the level of risk associated with moving forward without knowing certain details.

During the beginning of this project, I had discussions with the team about the the purpose of the product, the user's goals on each screen and the general context of the users. My goal was to learn what problem was the product trying to solve and how it fit into the broader context of the subject matter.

Once I gained some understanding of the user's context and needs, I created low-fidelity designs that I reviewed with the technical team on a weekly basis. Once the designs were to a place that fit with our current understanding of the user's needs, they were reviewed by the business and the rest of the team and stakeholders.

From here designs continued to be updated while developer tickets started getting created so that work could begin on the aspects of the design that were complete and approved by the business. As tickets get created for hand-off to the developers, team reviews continued to happen since questions always come up as designs are inspected more closely and technical acceptance criteria is outlined in each ticket. During this phase, iteration is frequent in order to make sure the design fits with the technical constraints and business priorities of the product.

the first view

Design content has been anonymized in order to protect confidentiality.


Each tab has a different color treatment to provide a way for users to be reminded which page they are currently editing and prevent users from editing the wrong view by accident. This was important because the different views/tabs have very similar layouts and components.

the second view + collapsed table


The secondary tab has a table that can be expanded by selecting the "More Columns" button.

the second view + expanded table


This is what the the expanded table looks like when on the secondary tab. When the table has been expanded, user's can select the "Less Columns" button to adjust the table back to show less columns so they don't have to horizontally scroll the screen to view all of the data.

the third view


project contemplation


Since this project is ongoing, there are a number of data input screens still in flight that are going through an approval process. After this feedback loop has ended, I will be creating tickets in order to handoff these designs to my developer team. My process is to review each ticket with my developers so that we everyone is satisfied with the size and contents of each ticket. When that is complete I have offered some recommendations for the search screens that I will put into tickets as they do not require any design work. I expect to complete work on this project for this fiscal year in the coming weeks.


On this project, communication and collaboration with my developement team has been the most seemless I've experienced on any project so far. This doesn't mean there isn't friction at times, but I think that I have found my personal style of resolution within these instances.

There are some hills I'm willing to die on when it comes to usability and then there are cases where I am happy to go with an alternative solution if it means significant time saving for development. During this project I feel that I have been able to better identify and communicate which hill I am on and respond in different ways.

When there is apprehension from my development team relating to a solution that I have designed, I have realized that it could be the result of simply being overwhelmed with the task. So more than once on this project, I have created alternative solutions to see if there is another way to address the issue and it has always resolved the situation. Perhaps sometimes people just want to feel like they have choices especially when you're asking alot from them.

I think that over the past year I have gotten better at being able to empathize with the other people on my team and adjust my approach to maintain a positive relationship and this has made work on this project that much more enjoyable. It also doesn't hurt to be working on a project where you get to splash some color on the screen.


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