Capital Culture District

A website created to increase community engagement with the Capital Culture District project led by Reliance Properties.


project details


Reliance Properties


Layout and Design of the Website


Jacqueline Williams


Lena Stachiw


Figma, Leadpages Web Content Management System


1 Month



project overview


The Capital Culture District website was created to increase community engagement the city and local communities within the area. The goal was to create a digital space that would communicate the urban design vision, the process of rezoning and the opportunities that were coming up for the public to get involved in this creation of this new Arts & Innovation District.


This website was completed using a web content management system that I used to design the layout of each section of this website. I was provided with copy and images that I used to create a visual identify and a number sections which would convey to the public the type of plans Reliance Properties had for this space. 

I highlighted the architectural renderings and designs of the space by creating sections where images presented across the full width of the screen. Different font-weights and sizes were used to create a clear information hierarchy within the website so that it would be easy for users to find topics of interest at a glance. I also made sure to break up large areas of text with images and sub-categories where applicable.

To create a light and calm atmostphere, I created a visual identity with ample white space and then added subtle blue backgrounds to visually distinguish different sections from each other. The rezoning application process uses a progress bar to help convey where we were in the process and the  checkmarks help indicate which parts of the process have been already completed.


project reflections

There are defintely elements on this site that could be improved, such as the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of the screen and ensuring consistent alignment in certain sections of the page.

Although there were limitations with using a web content management system, I found that it was also exciting to be in such control of the layout of the page and in such a way that changes could be viewed immediately. There were times I needed to use work arounds to create visuals on the page that weren't straightforward to create with the current software's functionality, but I found it very rewarding to have been able to find work arounds that allowed my vision come to life.

Although this project was short, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of this work and contribute to something so exciting that is happening in my own local community.


Ways to Connect

Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to learn more about my experience and design work or if you would like to collaborate on something in the future.

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